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2-day Green Screen Workshops

Once a quarter Digistars offers a weekend workshop in live action filmmaking using green screen technology to students in grades 3 through 8 at our studio in central Denver.

Use Green Screen Technology!

Our giant green screen allows kids to write stories that take place anywhere in time or space. Imagine the fun movie we could make that takes place on a space ship hurling through outer space, or in the old West, or even on the streets of Paris! Dive into our well-stocked custume trunk to add props and realistic effects to your movie.

We watch clips of movies made with green screen technology and nail down the elements of storytelling along with the techniques of live action filmmaking through storyboards and shot lists.

Let the Filming Begin!

Now we get to play with the intuitive Apple technology and shoot the movies! In live action programs, students rotate through the various production roles in shooting and editing. Each child gets time to write, act, direct, operate the camera, and more, all under the gentle tutaledge of our expert instructors.

The moviemaking process includes learning about professional lighting and camera techniques as well.

Editing Makes the Difference!

Learn how to edit like a pro! We’ll do all the things that make a movie professional-looking: titles, credits, special effects, voice overs, background music, and more.  We may even explore special effects like simulating crashes, smashes, and more!

Private Tutoring

Need to put together an audition video for Denver School of the Arts? What if you want to make an impressive movie for a class or portfolio, or to put together an acting reel?

We can help.

Our trained instructors are real-world filmmakers and film students, and they can work with you one-on-one to help you realize your digital storytelling goals.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve them!


Boy Scout Merit Badge Weekend Video Workshop

Looking to earn your Video Production Merit Badge on your way to Eagle Scout? Or your Cadette-level Screenwriter or Digital Movie Maker badges? We can help!

Spend a weekend at our studio learning the production process and checking off all the requirements for the badge with our expert instructors. Not only will you learn all of the elements of moviemaking, but you’ll emerge with a completed video to show off as well!

Gather your scouting friends to work on this together!

Scouting Merit Badges  Two weekend days 9 am – 3 pm. Contact us to schedule your troop’s merit badge session!

Nostalgia Video Workshop

Wouldn’t Grandma be touched to receive a video tribute of her life put together by her children and grandchildren? Or what if you could memorialize that incredible trip to Africa in a professional-quality video that’s actually a pleasure to watch and share? Or maybe you’d like to create a lasting memory of that once-in-a-lifetime family reunion last year?

You can do any of these and more in a Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop Nostalgia Video Workshop.

In our Nostalgia Video Workshops, participants of all ages create a lasting video tribute or memory of a family member, event, or experience using photos, video, narration, and music to tell your story. You bring the raw material and in four sessions our staff of experienced filmmakers will guide you through assembling and editing your memories into a treasured story that will be a joy to watch.

No children under 12 without a partner adult, please.

Workshops are conveniently scheduled before major gift-giving holidays including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and Christmas. See our calendar for session dates and sign up for our just-in-time-for Mother’s Day session now!

Nostalgia Video Project, Four evenings 6:30 pm – 8 pm (4 classes). Contact us to learn when the next session will start!