"The Best Class Ever!"

Engage More Students, Enrich Your Learning Environment and Enhance Knowledge Acquisition Through In-Class Moviemaking

  • Engage Elementary to High school students in core subjects.
  • Integrate art and technology to bring STEAM into the classroom.
  • Inspire and enrich your current curriculum in History, Science, Literature, Geography, Social Studies, Math, and everything else in between.
  • Apply any digital storytelling style of Stop Motion Animation, Live Action Filmmaking Using Green Screen Technology, or Documentary Filmmaking.
  • Follow along with instructional videos and scripted guides for instant integration into classes.


Do I Need To Know Filmmaking To Implement This?

Absolutely not! In fact, our easy-to-follow short video modules walk you and your students through all the steps for professional digital storytelling. Learn-as-you-go and implement an exciting new educational experience into your classroom tomorrow!

Do I Need To Be a Tech, Art or Drama Teacher To Use These Programs?

Not at all! The production process can overlay any academic subject and enrich your learning environment. For example, study Ancient Egyptian history with 5th graders using green screen technology to engage your students in a deeper level of knowledge acquisition.

Can I Bring This Into An Individual Classroom or Do These Programs Need To Be Adopted at the School or District Level?

Whether you'd like implement this in one class or subject, throughout your school, or even district-wide, we can work with you to make that happen. Contact us for more details and we can get you started immediately.

Will I Need to Invest In New Technology or Other Equipment?

Probably not! Most schools already have iPads, Chromebooks, or other computers that can be used without expensive new software or other upgrades.

What If I Want To Use These Programs Outside The Classroom in An After School Program or Similar?

No problem! These programs work as well for edu-tainment or pure entertainment as they do for instruction. Licenses are available for after school vendors, recreational centers, and other program providers.

How Much Does This Cost?

Licensing fees differ depending on number of students impacted. Training and support are included with district-level packages. Contact us for exact rates.

How Quickly Can I Get Started and Enhance The Learning Environment in My Classroom?

It takes about five minutes to sign up and become a licensed user, and you will gain access to the instructor guides and instructional videos through our online portal. You can begin integrating our innovative program into your school or class as soon as your next school day!