Overlay Digital Storytelling onto
Any Unit of Study!

Digistars® offers innovative programs in digital storytelling designed to help schools easily integrate art and technology into their standard curriculum. Robust manuals and multimedia instruction provide lesson plans and learning objectives that build on core knowledge while engaging students in learning.

Easy-to-follow guides and instructional videos mean that any teacher can implement digital storytelling in any existing academic unit of study without additional training, specialized background knowledge, or technical know-how.

The production process encompasses research, planning, writing, editing and presenting knowledge, with the end result being a polished movie that tells a story.

From Documentary Filmmaking to Stop Motion Animation and Live Action Filmmaking using Green Screen Technology, Digistars’ programs utilize the intuitive interface of Apple iPads to accomplish all pre-production research, recording, and post-production editing.

Digital storytelling can invigorate a subject and infuse a classroom with excitement and Digistars programs make it easy to bring learning into the digital age!

How To Easily Integrate Art and Technology into the Classroom with Digital Storytelling

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