boys-storyboardsBring schoolwork to life with a hands-on moviemaking project!

Select a unit to study and use filmmaking as the medium for deep exploration and learning.

Academic subjects become exciting when art and technology are intertwined with learning. Digistars programs teach college-level “Production 101” skills to elementary and middle schoolers. In a world increasingly dependent on visual media, these skills can enhance scholastic pursuits and apply to many careers.

In our programs designed for homeschoolers, Digistars works with parents to design a lesson plan to meet each student’s scholastic goals, and our professional instructors guide each student through researching and integrating their knowledge using digital storytelling tools and skills.

DSC_2454Digital Storytelling

Depending on the ages of the students in a class and the topic of study, we will suggest the program that would be the best fit to explore the academic topic of your choice.

Our academic programs may use:

  • Ken-Burns-style Documentary filmmaking.
  • Live action filming using green screen technology.
  • Stop motion animation (Claymation).

We provide the technology and professional instruction; you bring the smiling kids for a fun, hands-on learning experience!

What Can Be Studied In a Filmmaking Unit?

A partial list of academic units previously studied in the Digistars filmmaking program includes: 

  • Extreme Weather (climatology)
  • Objects in Outer Space (astronomy)
  • Historical Colorado Figures (history)
  • Australia (geography)
  • Rocks (geology)
  • Ancient Egypt (history)
  • Civil Rights Figures (social studies)
  • Mythology (literature)
  • Marine Life (life science)


Digistars programs for homeschoolers are held during weekday hours and an educational program runs for five two-hour sessions. We happily work with parents to determine scheduling.

Minimum class numbers are required, so spread the word and assemble a class!

Contact Digistars to arrange for a moviemaking exerience for your homeschooler now!