School Residencies and Workshops

boys-storyboardsBring schoolwork to life with a hands-on moviemaking project!

Select a unit to study and use filmmaking as the medium for deep exploration and learning.

Academic subjects become exciting when art and technology are intertwined with learning. Digistars programs teach college-level “Production 101” skills to elementary and middle schoolers. In a world increasingly dependent on visual media, these skills can enhance scholastic pursuits and apply to many careers.

Digistars academic programs are offered in schools as seven-to-ten-hour units of study. Digistars works with the teacher to establish the topic and knowledge ruberic for the class, and then guides the students through the moviemaking process and organizing their knowlege into a story. Teachers can schedule sessions to work for their needs.

DSC_2454Digital Storytelling

Depending on the grade level and the topic of study, we will suggest the program that would be the best fit.

Our academic programs may use:

  • Ken-Burns-style Documentary filmmaking.
  • Live action filming using green screen technology.
  • Stop motion animation (Claymation).

We can use your school’s Apple iPads and craft materials, or we can supply iPads and other materials as needed.


What Can Be Studied In a Filmmaking Unit?

A partial list of academic units previously studied in the Digistars filmmaking program includes: 

  • Extreme Weather (climatology)
  • Objects in Outer Space (astronomy)
  • Historical Colorado Figures (history)
  • Australia (geography)
  • Rocks (geology)
  • Ancient Egypt (history)
  • Civil Rights Figures (social studies)
  • Mythology (literature)
  • Marine Life (life science)


Check out our Student Masterpieces to watch the El Nino and Io videos to see how some students have tackled their units on extreme weather and objects in outer space.


Contact Digistars to arrange for a moviemaking exerience for your classroom now!